Giving your garden that time and care it requires is not always as simply as it seems, whether you work long hours or simply just want a breather at the weekend, RG Landscapes can offer you that care free beautiful garden you have always dreamed of, we offer bespoke packages to suit each and every individual need at affordable prices.


We can offer you all aspects of garden maintenance from lawn care and planting to hedge trimming and tree pruning.

Lawn Maintenance

Always wanted that luscious green view from your kitchen window? For a healthy looking garden a well maintained lawn is a key essential, at RG Landscapes we provide all aspects of lawn care from create your entire lawn from scratch or working with your current garden offering a bespoke maintenance package which can include mowing, feeding, weeding and repairing your lawn.

Clearing and Preparing

Have you just moved into a new home and the garden is overgrown? With our garden clearance offering we can assist in finding up lies beneath the jungle of weeds in the start of what can be your new relaxing outdoor living space.

The Best Time of Year to Maintain Your Garden

To ensure the best results it is important to keep in mind that each job needs to be completed at the right time of the year.

Trim your hedges too early and you’ll stunt their growth, the same applies to lawns and trees.


Instead of guessing which plants are best where allow RG Landscapes to provide you with our high level of knowledge and experience by evaluating your soil, garden dimension and requirements to then provide you with which flowers and foliage best suits your garden.

Weeding, Pruning, Hedge Trimming and

Work on Trees

Weeding can be tedious and backbreaking especially if your garden has become overrun, we can take this chore from your ‘to do list’ by providing a service in which weeds are maintained and kept on top of allowing your garden to look fantastic all year round.

If your hedges, trees and bushes are getting a little unruly, a trimming might be just what they need however you may not have the equipment to complete this, by hiring RG Landscapes we carry out all aspects of tree works, hedge trimming and pruning, providing all equipment required to complete the job, not forgetting this will be maybe the safest option for yourself and the tree.

With the knowledge and expertise that RG Landscapes can offer we can promise that your garden is

in the right hands and will be fully looked after ensuring a healthy maintenance all year round.


To discuss your garden maintenance requirements, get in touch today with RG Landscapes and we

will be more than happy to provide a bespoke package to suit your every need.



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